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  1. KleinStudio
    16/07/2017 - permalink
    Nope, these were the last things I worked on for Pokémon Essentials, you can actually find all of my work at
  2. KleinStudio
    15/07/2017 - permalink
    Yep, it's hard to find something as flexible like the actual Pokémon Essentials (it's very easy to add things), well, I hope time will bring us a brand new kit, who knows what will be the next "Pokémon Essentials"
  3. KleinStudio
    15/07/2017 - permalink
    Oh wow, I'm happy that your project is becoming popular
    About the kit thing, I actually don't think Essentials is the best option, I mean, if I had free time to code Pokemon stuff I wouldn't give Pokémon Essentials that time, it's an amazing kit but it's getting quite old because of the software it's made for (it's sad to see how amazing projects run slow because of this even having a computer with a good CPU/GPU)
  4. ★Santa Sage★
    *pony detected*
  5. KleinStudio
    15/07/2017 - permalink
    You don't bother me don't worry buddy, what have you been doing all this time?
  6. KleinStudio
    15/07/2017 - permalink
    Hi! I remember you from deviantArt!
    Since I'm now the admin of this site I didn't have time for all that deviantArt stuff, that's why I disappeared from deviantArt and since I only used Skype for deviantArt stuff I disappeared from there too

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