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  1. Aarón
    Hace 10 horas - permalink
    Now it's okay.
  2. Aarón
    Hace 11 horas - permalink
    Yes, I know you want to create a team using discord and make them fill a form. But I'm not talking about the team building, i'm talking about the project idea. The people when posts a thread in this forum shares a small fragment of the history or something at least, if not, the people is not interested to join a team which he doesn't know what he is going to do. I'm sure you got some ideas in your head, just share it. I'm not requesting a long description of it, only a few lines. Only the enough to attract minimal attention to the community.
  3. Aarón
    Hace 11 horas - permalink
    I moved your thread to the teaming forum. Anyways, you should give more info about the project or i will have to close it. At least share your principal ideas.
  4. _Inaho_
  5. _Inaho_
    09/02/2017 - permalink
    Yes, there is.

    You commented on a thread that I created in pokecommunity
  6. _Inaho_
    09/02/2017 - permalink
  7. AlphaPro25
    11/11/2016 - permalink
    Oh,that's sad because I like the base
  8. AlphaPro25
    11/11/2016 - permalink
    My name is AlphaPro_25.Your patch have an error,the nature boost is marked in blue and the negative in red.
  9. BLAx501!
    11/11/2016 - permalink
    Wow I didn't notice another PokeCommunity member has registered here xD

    Welcome to WaH I'm one of the administrators around here, if you need something just tell me

    Oh, and don't worry about talking about other Rom Hacking Forums, knowledge is power hahahaha
  10. AlphaPro25
    11/11/2016 - permalink
    Because I have an account in Pokecommunity

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