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  1. marf7y
    19/07/2017 - permalink
    Haha, the truth if I'm honest, I did not know it was written in C, I thought it was written in ASM, so my interest in learning it ...
    Well, thanks anyway if I encourage you to continue your classes, although I do not use Discord, I do not like the truth ..
  2. marf7y
    18/07/2017 - permalink
    Yes, about the tutorial you published, what is it about?
    I do not use discord

    Why, I suggest learning C, rather than ASM?
  3. marf7y
    17/07/2017 - permalink
    Hello FBI, I was curious, about your tutorial, could you explain a little of what is going on?

    I see you also know about ASM, could you help me learn it? I have basic notions but still, I want to learn it, you help me ^^

    Pd: Sorry, if the translation is incorrect, but I do not know English, I have to use Translator to communicate with you ..

    Nice to meet you
  4. Dark Aurora
    17/07/2017 - permalink
    Dark Aurora
    Wow, very well I can not speak it but if I understand it, even so many thanks.
    I really admire you and your routines <3
  5. Dark Aurora
    17/07/2017 - permalink
    Dark Aurora
    Hello FBI I wanted to ask if you know of some tutorial, of which, as a novice I can learn ASM and be able to do my own routines.
  6. Evird
    16/07/2017 - permalink
    You could do some tutorials. And if people are interested later, a school.
  7. Platinum
  8. ★★Helix Boo★★
    Nice, thanks for your reply, have fun!
  9. Cheve_X
    10/06/2017 - permalink
    No problem! Just don't jail me D: (?
  10. Cheve_X
    09/06/2017 - permalink
    Just for the record: English IS allowed in the whole forum.


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