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  1. Samu
    01/12/2017 - permalink
    This is why I also asked him what did he wanted the routine for. I also suggested a solution in the case you needed to use a task. To avoid it being killed when warping/reseting the game my idea was to implement the "chrono" task as a subroutine of the main loop of the game with a flag to check if it should be executed or not. (Yes, it is more resource-consuming, but it let you do something you won't be able to do the other way).

    What I'm trying to say is that if the chrono works as you suggest, you will need an "aditional trigger" to check the time, not being able to use the task (the chrono) as a trigger itself.

    The post is from Javi435 >post here<

    Sorry if my english is terribly bad, but I'm rusty as fuck and dont wanna take too long writing this.
  2. Samu
    01/12/2017 - permalink
    I did tell him that the routine will stop if he reset the game/ warp too (+those vars aren't stored in sav file). The problem with the method you suggest is the following:

    Imagine you wanna use the routine not for measuring the time, but to set an alarm and make something happen when it expires or reaches a certain time (Ex, if you dont win a special battle in 5 min you'll lose). Since you are not running a task u wont know how much time has past since the "activation" until you reach the "checkpoint". If you have a "real clock" you could set a subroutine to execute something when the timer reaches "X", at any moment, not only when you activate the "checkpoint" that calculates how much time has past.
  3. Samu
    01/12/2017 - permalink
    About your post in the [ASM] chrono.

    I think that what you suggested has already been done by another user called javiXX [insert unkown number at XX], the thing is that doing it that way its not a "real chrono" and you won't be able to use it for some purposes.

    That was already discussed on several post in the thread. I guess you didn't read them, which is understandable since they are in spanish, but I recommend you to check 'em out with google translate if you are interested.
  4. Marffy
    19/07/2017 - permalink
    Haha, the truth if I'm honest, I did not know it was written in C, I thought it was written in ASM, so my interest in learning it ...
    Well, thanks anyway if I encourage you to continue your classes, although I do not use Discord, I do not like the truth ..
  5. Marffy
    18/07/2017 - permalink
    Yes, about the tutorial you published, what is it about?
    I do not use discord

    Why, I suggest learning C, rather than ASM?
  6. Marffy
    17/07/2017 - permalink
    Hello FBI, I was curious, about your tutorial, could you explain a little of what is going on?

    I see you also know about ASM, could you help me learn it? I have basic notions but still, I want to learn it, you help me ^^

    Pd: Sorry, if the translation is incorrect, but I do not know English, I have to use Translator to communicate with you ..

    Nice to meet you
  7. Dark Aurora
    17/07/2017 - permalink
    Dark Aurora
    Wow, very well I can not speak it but if I understand it, even so many thanks.
    I really admire you and your routines <3
  8. Dark Aurora
    17/07/2017 - permalink
    Dark Aurora
    Hello FBI I wanted to ask if you know of some tutorial, of which, as a novice I can learn ASM and be able to do my own routines.
  9. Evird
    16/07/2017 - permalink
    You could do some tutorials. And if people are interested later, a school.
  10. ★★Helix Boo★★
    Nice, thanks for your reply, have fun!

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