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  1. Javi4315♪
    Hace 1 semana - permalink
    Uff, perdona por no haberte respondido. ¿Quién eres?
  2. Derlo
    Hace 2 Semanas - permalink
    blz pode deixar!
  3. Derlo
    Hace 2 Semanas - permalink
    Que bom cara! Parabens!
    To voltando agora com as hacks... ve se termino a minha kkkkk
    qualquer coisa pode chamar, se puder ajudo!
  4. Derlo
    Hace 2 Semanas - permalink
    cara posso ate tentar.. faz um tempo que nao mexo em hack...
    mas posso tentar
    add no skype!
  5. BLAx501!
    Hace 4 Semanas - permalink
    Dude, I can't tell by that if that's an error or not. If you are not getting the correct offset on step 4, then this HEX change could be resulting on a error when loading the game. Try to repeat steps 1 to 4 again to get the correct offset to modify
  6. BLAx501!
    Hace 4 Semanas - permalink
    I don't understand your question :/

    I supose you are refering to my tutorial, isn't it? Then, as I said a million times, if you are following it step by step there's no chance to get any kind of bug, and even less on a clean ROM so please check every single step on the tutorial to make sure you are not missing anything.

    P.S. You can always use Karatekid's original tutorial whick is linked at the end of mine
  7. BLAx501!
    19/04/2017 - permalink
    I'm pretty sure you've skipped something when reading the tutorial ..sigh..

    If you skip the step qhere I told to use Item Manager to change the Item Data Type to 01 - Out of Battle, it will end up on that message showing up when trying yo use your new evolutionary stone. Also, remember that if you want to evolve a Pokemon to another one that doesn't appear on the Regional Dex, you have to activate National Dex.

    I hope everything is solved for now
  8. Sage Capriccola
    18/04/2017 - permalink
    Sage Capriccola
    You must to change some values in your ROM with HxD and some item editor
    just follow this tutorial
  9. BLAx501!
    17/04/2017 - permalink
    Oh, don't worry about that part of the tutorial. That's only needed in case you don't have the items placed in the original offset so you can find them so just skip that part of the tutorial and that's it.

    In case you have changed the offset, you just have to SEARCH FOR that sequence on your HEX Editor program (I like HxD)
  10. _WolD_
    16/04/2017 - permalink
    Não, mas deixe-me investigar e ajudá-lo mais

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