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Decided to bring this back.

I know most of the hackers today don't care about music hacking. Some of them can't even install "Sappy" in their PC. But, if there are still some people who want to change musics(I doubt) and can't find some of the midis online or they are way too advance and can't be imported to GBA, well, this resource is for you I guess.

I have made these midi files loopable, it means all you have to do is convert them to .s file and insert.
I also highly suggest using this patch: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=332272

Pokemon Black2/White2


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Great! I completely agree when you say most of hackers don't care about music. Thank you so much for sharing this resource. It could be very useful.
Gracias: LilBuho19

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Thanks for sharing your opinion. Although I hope after 10/20 year, if there is a hacker who cares about music hacking, then I think this resource will be useful to him/her.

NOTE: Midi of "Route gate" is added.

Two new midis available.
"Route 19" and "Flocessy Town".

Midi of Route 22 is available

Midi of "Virbank City" is available.

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Midis of Castelia city, Pokestar Studios, Normal Gym, Flocessy Ranch and Virbank Complex are available


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