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Videojuego Pokenet - MMO Java Engine

- Gen 1-5
- Buttom to synchronizm (Q bind key)
- Pokemon Followers
- Pokemon Movement .gif on battle
- Pokemon Movement attack on battle
- Buttom to Fly , to another city
- No more jesus bug
- Gif Pokemon
- 6 Regions [Kanto,Johto,Hoenn,Sinnoh,Orange Islands,Orre]
- Tiled Mapping
- Admin Tools

- Client & Server: Pokenet Server Client

- Website : Pokenet Website

- Admin Tools : Admin Tools Pokenet

Admin Tools :

Map Tour:

Battle System:

How to Compile:
1. Download eclipse.
Eclipse Downloads

2. Right click package explorer in eclipse and import the root folder that you want to start working on.

(ex. Client)

3. Open the file you want to edit.
(ex GameClient.java)

4. Save file (ctrl+s)

5. Right click package.
(the one you imported)

6. Expand Java, select JAR File, then next.

7. Deselect everything except the src folder, then select the export destination and click next.

8. Leave the defaults, click next.

9. Select "use existing manifest from workspace" - then browse to the manifest.mf file then click finish.

10. Ignore any warnings, and your done.

Quick video included.

How to Compile:

How to set up server:
1. Server Installation
-1.2 Installing/Setting up MySQL
-1.3 Installing/Setting up Database
-1.4 Downloading/Installing JRE & JDK
-1.5 Server .bat Explained[/color]
2. Running the server
3. Client Setup

4. Setting up a Website
-4.1 Downloading/Installing/Starting Xampp
-4.2 Setting a website in Xampp

5. GM, Commands and Extras
-5.1 Commands
-5.2 Extras

6. Problems & Errors
7. Credits
8. Updates

1. Server Installation

1.2 Installing/Setting up MySQL
Now we are going to set up a MySQL Server.
This is for the database of all the accounts/characters that will be created.
Now we are going to download the MySQL Setup.
Link: MySQL 5.1.40 Installer

Save it also somewhere safe. Now start the installer.
Once it's loaded, click th button "Next >".
Now make sure Typical is checked. and click the button "Next >".
And than just click on "Install".
Now it's installing MySQL. (Wait till it's done)
Now there will open a new window.
Click there on "Next >" and again on "Next >"
Than it will close.
Now we go back to the install window.
Make sure "Configure the MySQL Server now" is checked.
and that "Register the MySQL Server now" is unchecked.
Than click on Finish.
Now there will open a new window.
There just click on "Next >".
Now make sure "Detailed Configuration" is checked and click on "Next >". Check "Developer Machine" and click on "Next >".
Here make sure "Multifunctional Database is checked and click on "Next >" and click again on "Next >".
Now make sure "Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)" is checked and click on "Next >".
Here make sure everything is Checked and click on "Next >".
Now we have to check "Standard Character Set" and click on "Next >".
Make sure "Include Bin Directory in Windows PATH"is unchecked and click "Next >"
Now Check "Modify Security Settings" and fill in your passwords(Make sure they aren't easy).
And make sure Create An Anonymous Account is unchecked and than click "Next >" and click "Execute". (wait till it's finished)
And click on "Finish".

Congratulations! You setup your own MySQL Server.
[mysql setup portion thanks to nyaa]

1.3 Installing/Setting up Database

Now we are going to setup your database in MySQL for your PokeNet server.
First we are going to download Navicat(Lite).
Link: Navicat Lite 8.2.17 Installer

Next, locate your pokemon.sql file located in the server files from the SVN

Install it. Now start it.
Click on Connection > MySQL.
Than you have to fill in like this:
Connection Name: localhost
Hostname/IP address: localhost
Port: 3306
Username: root
Password: (here your password you used when you created your MySQL Server)
And click "Test Connection".
-If it's Successfull click ok.
-If it's Failure check everything if everything is filled out right and try again.

Now dubble click on "localhost_3306".
You will get 3 new things underneed it.
(Ignore these don't touch these databases.)
Now do a right click on "localhost_3306".
And click "New Database..."
Fill by "Enter database name:" this in: pokenet.
Now you created a new database which your going to use for your PokeNet server.
Now do a dubble click on "pokenet" it will open some new stuff ignore that.
Now do right click on "pokenet" and do "Execut SQL file..."
Go to the SQL file you downloaded. With the opener.
And search for pokenetdb_blank.sql and use that file only.
(should be located in the server files)

and click on "start".
Now it's installing the SQL file to your Database.
Just wait untill it's finished.
When it's Finished click on "Close".
And than quit/close Navicat.

Congratulations! You setup your own PokeNet Server Database.

1.4 Downloading/Installing JRE & JDK
Since this server/client run through java, your going to need up to date JRE and JDK files and runtimes.

Download them here:
JRE 6: Link
JDK 6: Link

Follow any install wizards and your good to go.

1.5 Server .bat Explained

The server uses a .bat file to start the server .jar file. There some parameters you should know about in case you want to edit it. .bat files are edited by notepad or any text editor so configuring this file is extremely easy.

The current command line is:
java -jar PocketMonsutaServer.jar -s high -p 500
(the name of the .jar might be different then yours)
-s and -p parameters indicate the quality settings and player amount settings.

The recommended settings for PokeNet are as follows:
  		< 1.86ghz
  		< 256MB Ram
  		< 1mbps Up/Down Connection
  		75 Players
  		< 2ghz
  		512MB - 1GB Ram
  		1mbps Up/Down Connection
  		200 Players
  		> 1.86ghz
  		> 1GB Ram
  		> 1mbps Up/Down Connection
  		> 500 Players
Set your .bat (or .sh if on linux) accordingly.

2. Running the server

Running your server is easy.
Open the Server Folder.
If your on windows, run the SERVER_START.bat else if your on linux then use the run_pokenet.sh file.
Once you run one of these files you will get a command prompt popup, then a little java window.
It should look something like this:
0 players online
[No record]
Start Server
Stop Server
Save Settings
The 'blahs' are where your going to put in your configurations for your database, etc.

For the first textbox put in the host of the SQL in which case it will be "localhost".
Next is the name of the table that we put pokenet sql into which we called it in this tutorial "pokenet".
The next two textboxes are for the username and password of the SQL, the username unless you changed it, should be "root" and the password was set by you.
And finally the last textbox is the name of your server.

Click save settings and then start the server up.
Congratulations you just started your own pokenet server!

3. Client Setup

If your going to distribute your client, the users only need the .bat, .jar, and lib/res folders.

Once you have installed the client where you want it, make sure you go to the /res folder and edit the servers.txt

It should have a bunch of writing but this is the format:
Admin Server
Pocket Monsuta [USA]
As the admin if your playing your server from the machine that is hosting it, then you going to need to connect via or localhost, the first line is the name of the server, this will show up on the client and the second is the ip/hostname.

4. Setting up a Website

4.1 Downloading/Installing/Starting Xampp

Download Xampp lite and install it.
Link: Xampp Lite 1.7.3 Installer

Start up Xampp Control Panel (You can find it in Menu>Progams)
And check Svc that stays before Apache and start Apache and close Xampp Control Panel.

4.2 Setting a Website in Xampp

Coming Soon

5. GM, Commands and Extras

5.1 Commands
/announce [message]	- announcement
/jumpto [username]		- teleport to a user
/mute [username]		- mute a user
/unmute [username]		- umute a user
/kick [username]		- kick a user
/ban [username]		- ban a user
/unban [username]		- unban a user
/playercount		- show the # of players online
/changeweather		- change the weather of the map
	- normal		- change weather to normal (sunny)
	- rain		- change weather to rainy
	- snow		- change weather to snowy
	- fog		- change weather to foggy
	- sandstorm	- change weather to sandstorm
	- random		- random weather change
	-Ex: /changeweather rain
/stopserver		- stops server
5.2 Extras
[There are extra things here so let me explain and feel free to download if you want them.]
ThinClient - The thin client was made to install the game client from the svn - i guess if you edit the source and put your own svn up, then its useful.
SVNCliient - the svn client actually updates the current client files,but it downloads from an svn.
ChatServer - A separate chat server for staff + users, never got it to work since we didnt have the SQL etc. Might set this up later though.
ChatClient - Same as chat server.
BulbapediaScaper - Basically just takes all the info off of Bubapedia and puts it into a format that the client can read for move lists, evolutions, etc.
Excel Spread Sheet w/ Pokemon Spawns & type chart:

6. Problems & Errors

The account server is currently offline. Please try again later
Fix: Ensure that when you turn your server on, you have it configured correctly first. The proper configuration will look something like this:

database host
database name
database username 
database password
server name
Unable to run client (.bat opens then closes rly fast)
MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Put that in your client folder replacing the /lib directory.


7. Credits

Guide Structure: Nyaa [aka Aukemon0NL]
Emulator: Pokenet Dev Team
Website: NorFuzzor
Errors/Problems: Zeak6464
Hosting Files: Tanomist
Everything Else: -DefaulT
Gracias: Liev

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Please, check the client fix download. Megauplod died so long ago (screen http://puu.sh/hv2tB/7ea6d6b501.png )
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