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A browserbased Pokemon MMORPG called "PokeMMO" with 'Node.js' server and 'mongodb' database.

This game is NOT POKEMMO.EU

Code languages:






Disable Captcha Tutorial: by muertet


I see many people having problems with the captcha, i recommend this simple solution:

1. Open /regserver/regserver.node.js

2. Replace line 148:

Original Code:
callback(success, result);

Replace with:
callback('true', result);

Now captcha response will always return true, even if it failed.

Setting up Tutorial (localhost): by SonyP_


How to run a server locally

First you have to install:
* nginx: nginx: download
* Node.js:
* MongoDB: Downloads - MongoDB

* In the default settings, you need to create a folder for mongo at C:\data\db, before starting the bin\mongodb.exe (in Windows)
* When you run nginx in Windows it'll just open a command prompt and close, but it's working. Open "http://localhost/" in your browser to confirm

Start up nginx and mongodb.

Copy (don't move, copy) the contents from the /site/ dir to the html folder in nginx.

The lastest commit has the game engine configured to connect to localhost, so you shouldn't have to change anything regarding the server ip, but if for some reason in the future this changes, you have to edit IPs in the /site/js/main.out.js file to point to the correct IP address.

Now start up the registration server in the /regserver/regserver.node.js file, just run "node" from the command line with that file as the argument.

Start the game server in the /server/server.out.node.js

Note that the server needs the folder "site" in the parent directory of it. So when you had copied the site files to nginx, make sure you didn't delete them from their original location.

You only need the registration server during the registration process, it will create the needed database structures for you. Now go to http://localhost/play.html in your browser and create an account.

Everything should be up and running. Open multiple browser windows and login into other accounts to test multiplayer features.

Setting up Tutorial (localhost): by Deathlord17


Setting up Tutorial (Online): by omnija

Create a Register Captcha (Online): by omnija




Language Files:


English by felixcruzer
German by felixcruzer

Graphic Fixes:



Shiny Followers:


Shiny Followers by martinx09

Viridianflorest Error Fix:


Go into the Server directory, open "Server.out.node.js" search for "ViridianFLOREST" and change to "ViridianFOREST" Save & Start the Server.



-TM's + HM's
-Add details for rest of pokemon





SonyP_, the creator of PokeMMO restarted to work on PokeMMO.
He fixed the Haxe project compiling error.
Also he wants to recode the game engine.



Bitou's Version of Pokemmo is just amazing, he added tons of stuff and fixed a lot.

Take a look at his Github Repository

Development Progress:

World Data:

Kanto region
Hoenn region
Johto region
Map connections
NPC spawns
Object spawns
Signpost spawns
Wild encounter rates
Pokemon Data:

Pokemon data
EV support
IV support
Move learning
Evolution support
Nature support
Ability suport
Move data
Graphics Engine:

Support for animated tiles
Support for basic player customization
Warp/Door animations
Move animations
Cliff jump animation
Battle Engine:

Wild encounters
Escaping from battle
Battle support for Moves
Battle support for Switching
Battle support for Items
PvP Battles
Trainer Battles
Game Engine:

Account system
Trade system
Chat system
Speech system
Interface system
Item system
NPC Data:

NPC spawns
NPC interacting
Sound System:

Background sounds
User Interface sound effects
Volume Changer
Battle sounds
Move sounds

The Creator of the game made it Open Source, so make it Open Source too and share your fixes with us !
Gracias: ParritaGhoul!
Predeterminado Respuesta: Pokemmo
Source is not available. GitHub may have removed it. Bad news.

Aunque ya no se pueda escribir en HTML, los CSS-DIV siguen dando mucho juego, ;​)
Predeterminado Respuesta: Pokemmo
yeah that what it seems like
Predeterminado Respuesta: Pokemmo
But why you call it PokeMMO when pokemmo already exists? this will confuse the people xD, and it seems to the original PokeMMO, the combat system is the same... anyways i will try it .
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