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Founder Farewell !

Pokemonium has been a fun ride for all of us, we've learned a lot in the process, but it's time to say goodbye for us to active and dedicated development.

When we picked up Pokemonium in may 2012 we already knew this would happen eventually. Pokemonium would be a dead end, no matter what. We would either grow big and get knocked down by Nintendo or it would bleed to death.
However, we decided that due to the (crappy) original pokenet source code we have come to a point that it's no longer worth it to 'fix' bugs. Last couple of months we came to the point that developing Pokemonium almost became an (unpaid) full time job. This made us decide that we'd either have to build a new Pokemonium from scratch. Or start developing our own game which (we hope) would pay us the time we invested.
We decided the latter because of the reason I mentioned before. Pokemonium (or any pokemon MMO) will eventually be a dead end which get's knocked down, bleeds to death and doesn't pay the loads of time we invest in it.

How will Pokemonium go on now?
There has been a lot of requests from the community as to make the code open source and we've made this happen. You can create a fork of the Pokemonium git repository at:

Most people know how it works to contribute to open source projects, but to those who don't, let me explain a bit.
You can clone our repository but don't have direct write access to it. In order to be able to contribute you should create a fork of the repository. This basically creates a little private repostory for you, where you can commit to.
When you've got a/some fix(es) ready, issue a pull request with a description of what you've done and why. We will evaluate these pull requests and, once accepted, merge them into the main repository.
If you encounter any issues/bugs/whatever, feel free to submit an issue to the repository. This way they are visible to anyone and anyone can see and fix them.

We wish you best of luck to dive into the source code and look forward to seeing your pull requests being issued!!! Please bear in mind that we do not want to be poked on how the code works. If you want to contribute you should be able to figure it out for yourself. We are however going to expand the wiki soon with some tips.
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