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Predeterminado Re: Respuesta: FR | [Finalized][C+ASM] A EV-IV Display Screen
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As i mentionated in your profile, this work is really amazing.
It's very useful to competitive players.
I hope to see more of your works
If I get more I will surely post them here, but that may only happen in summer vacation lol

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This looks amazing, Im learning C language but right now I don't know how to apply it to the game as I haven't researched enough. As a beginner it's not one of my priorities, but in the future I will like to learn to do things as cool as this one. So far the little time I've been at the forum I can admit you are awesome with this kind of things, Im excited to see your next invention. Regards!
Thx! If you want to use C for hack, it will be better to learn data and ASM first.