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Predeterminado Re: Respuesta: FR | [Finalized][C+ASM] A EV-IV Display Screen
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Gran trabajo, ya sería el tercer aporte tuyo que uso en mi hack, aunque me intriga saber el porque este es el primer hack ASM que se le suma 0x79 y no 0x1.
I don't use FBI's template now, so I can't control the relative offsets of the functions, which is temporarily judged by the compiler. So every time I find the function to call on my own and this time it's at +0x79. I also want to make it at the beginning, but the method is not found up to now.

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Does there exist a reason as to why you put the pointer hand so close to the Pokémon itself? It kind of covers the Pokémon when selecting...
Otherwise, good job! I really love it~
Thanks. If you think it looks bad, you can configure it on your own. Basically you should just adjust the coordinates in the ASM file and the array in task_02.c. I haven't configured it much because it's just an exercise.